Contribute your time to winning GA’s Runoffs from anywhere in the country!

Building a Nationwide Coalition of Students

We can’t win back our democracy alone.  So that’s why we’re building a nationwide coalition of millions of students to help us. We’re uniting people from all walks of life to pass legislation that benefits all youth. Today, Students For Tomorrow is at the heart of over 40 established, student-run political organizations and over 200 high school political action clubs. To them, we provide software, financial backing, volunteers, and any resources they need to expand the fight. 

large crowd of students protesting climate change

We need your help to take back the Senate this January!


What if civic engagement was fun? That’s exactly what we’re aiming for with our new ‘Journey’ system that, for the 2021 Runoff Elections, will be available to all volunteers, regardless of location! The Journey, explained in more detail once volunteers join, allows them to earn points for time spent on campaigns which they can then put towards the rewards below! 

25 Points

$25 Amazon Gift Card ($25 value)

Our most common prize, for just 25 points you can earn a $25 Amazon gift card!

40 Points

5 Ben & Jerry’s Pints ($40 value)

For 40 points, you’ll get 5 Ben & Jerry’s delivered straight to your front door! Peace, Love, & Ice Cream.

50 Points

$50 Amazon Gift Card ($50 value)

After a good day’s volunteering, most of our volunteers are able to get themselves this $50 Amazon gift card. You could be next!

100 Points

Design Your Own Converse ($100 value)

Converse by You. Choose from unique colors, patterns and materials and add personalized text to create a shoe you can call your own.

Excited about our rewards? Become a digital volunteer today!

250 Points

Airpods Pro ($250 value)

No introduction needed here. For just 250 points, you’ll be able to feast your eyes (and ears) on Apple’s flagship headphones. 

500 Points

PS5/XBOX Series X ($500 value)

The long-awaited console wars! After saving up your points, you’ll be able to cop the hottest items of the season! Stock may vary.

1200 Points

Macbook Pro ($1299 value)

What does 1200 points get you at Students For Tomorrow? How about a fully specced, brand new Macbook Pro? You’ll be able to choose color and engravings. Think Different. 

2000 Points

$2000 cash ($2000 value, duh)

Use it as a scholarship, or don’t. We won’t judge. We’ll send this grand prize using whichever of the following payment options works best for you: Paypal, Venmo, Check, or Wire Transfer.