Rallying students to fight voter suppression.

Students For Tomorrow is an Atlanta-based non-profit that’s rallying Republican and Democratic students alike to vote. Learn more about our on-the-ground ground campaign by clicking below. 

Students For Tomorrow protesting outside
students outside protesting

Working Towards A More Equitable Tomorrow

Despite making up the largest eligible voting bloc in America, students today still aren’t being represented in government. Studies show that people under the age of 34 make up more than 34% of the vote but just 6% of elected officials. This means that students’ ideas, morals, and policy opinions are being largely ignored in ‘our’ democracy. So we’re working through a completely student-led coalition to make government equitable for all ages. Support the movement here.

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Building a Nationwide Coalition of Students

We can’t win back our democracy alone.  So that’s why we’re building a nationwide coalition of millions of students to help us. We’re uniting people from all walks of life to pass legislation that benefits all youth. Today, Students For Tomorrow is at the heart of over 40 established, student-run political organizations and over 200 high school political action clubs. To them, we provide software, financial backing, volunteers, and any resources they need to expand the fight. 

large crowd of students protesting climate change
Georgia youth mobilize voters

Georgia youth mobilize voters

In less than a month, two crucial runoff elections in Georgia will decide which political party controls the U.S. Senate. And a group of high school influencers in the state are determined to make a difference.

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“With the country’s highest youth voter turnout, Georgia’s young people played a key role in the 2020 election. It came down to grassroots organizing by groups such as Students for Tomorrow, who made innovative social media moves and hired younger volunteers to help young voters see themselves in politics.”

— Time Magazine, November 2020

Students For Tomorrow

StudentsForTomorrow is a student-led 501(c)4 organization (filling) that aims to have youth (those under 34) elected directly into office.

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